The Anti-Casting

We are all about diversity, but we don't want to typecast, ever. We do not want to fall into tokenism marketing and pat ourselves on the back for ticking boxes. 

We feel that succeeding to showcase different types of women through the underargument is nothing to be proud of; it is not different or “great”. It is simply what it should be. 

What we do want is authentic, original stories that will empower you when you share them and others when they read them.

So we run what we call an "anti-casting". 

How to enter

To enter, the only thing you have to do is submit a story related to one of our existing or upcoming underargument (follow us on Insta to keep up to date with upcoming themes or see the list below). That's all.

You do not need any modelling experience, we don't need to see your photos, nor do we need your measurements to select you, just your beautiful words (we recommend sending a minimum of 500 words but we prefer quality over quantity). Women of colour and women with visible body differences especially welcome.

To enter, fill in the form on the link below.

Enter Anti Casting


    The anti-casting shoot

    If you are selected, you will spend half a day with us in a photographic studio (usually in London) where our professional photographer will guide you and make you feel super comfortable! There are usually a couple more women being shot with you on the day.

    Free set

    Everybody who shoots with us gets a free underargument set. Plus, you'll get access to all your gorgeous photos. 

    The experience

    Here are what some of our past participants have said from the experience...

    "I didn’t realise how much I needed to write this story and release some of the pent up frustration I have been subliminally feeling about these issues at work. So thank YOU" Ivy
    "I felt so lifted after our conversation and ready to complete my healing and be fully open in the faith that it uplifts someone else and create much needed conversations within families to protect their girls. [...] Feeling nervous but I'm ready" Naomi
    "I had such a lovely and inspiring day today! Thank you x " Judy
    "Thanks for having me! It was an incredibly therapeutic experience." Julia