Holding onto sexy through Chemotherapy | fr.theunderargument.com

Holding onto sexy through Chemotherapy

By Joanne

A year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a shock. After a mastectomy and 4 months of chemotherapy, I thought I'd never feel like me again. 

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Femininity (re)defined | fr.theunderargument.com

Femininity (re)defined

By Genesia

Since I shaved my head I’ve found times when I’ve really not felt feminine. I stopped shaving and that made me feel unfeminine at times too. I realised (and am still realising) that femininity is not defined by how I look or act and that being a woman can’t be boxed. 

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A Testimony to Standing Up Against Sexism by a Woman Neurosurgeon | fr.theunderargument.com

A Testimony to Standing Up Against Sexism by a Woman Neurosurgeon

By Julia

My name is Julia. And I am a fighter. I was the first female trainee in my hospital in Lithuania to become a neurosurgeon. Medicine is still plagued with medieval traditions and ways, from bullying to discrimination and plain disrespect from seniors doctors towards their juniors.

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Sensuality is power | fr.theunderargument.com

Sensuality is power

By Rebecca

I am very comfortable in my own skin - it’s almost easier to be naked than to wear beautiful lingerie. Until recently, I found the idea of highlighting my beauty a way of attracting unwanted attention, objectifying myself, it made me want to crawl into some dark corner. I’m a dancer-actor and I’ve always found the stage a much safer place to be, than society.

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Having the freedom of confidence | fr.theunderargument.com

Having the freedom of confidence

By Jade

To me bodily agency, agency without shame is essential to freedom and our experience of joy. You know, you should have the freedom to dance, walk, dress etc in whatever manner you see fit. But, most marginalised people don’t have that.

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Bewitchingly Bisexual, Queer, Femme and Sexy | fr.theunderargument.com

Bewitchingly Bisexual, Queer, Femme and Sexy

By Judy

Bisexual, Queer and (bewitchingly) Femme. These words that are often used, or seen as, derogatory or marginalising labels make me feel empowered. Each one of these words - bisexual, queer, femme - make me feel confident in who I am, and sexy from the surface of my skin to the core of my being. So why do three words, which make me feel so strong, also unwillingly carry such prevalent connotations to sexism & co? Or, more accurately, why do sexists think that these words are negative and therefore use them in hateful speech?

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